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Water Damage Repair in Seal Beach Properties Needs Professionals

4/13/2023 (Permalink)

Technician holding a moisture meter on a water damaged wall When your home in Seal Beach suffers water damage, call SERVPRO's experts for swift action.

How SERVPRO Technicians Speed Up Drying After Water Damage to Seal Beach Properties?

Water damage to your Seal Beach property, whether due to burst pipes, ceiling leaks, or plumbing issues, can have disastrous consequences if not addressed promptly. The longer the water penetrates various surfaces, the more extensive damage it can cause.   

Hence, the primary objective of SERVPRO technicians during the restoration of water damage to your Seal Beach properties is to dry the structure as quickly as possible. Our Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) certified technicians use various strategies to create conditions that favor rapid evaporation. The goal of these strategies is to-.

  • Remove the excess moisture from the air
  • Increase the airflow across the wet surface
  • Increase the temperature of the drying air

Combining these three factors shift the natural equilibrium in favor of the drying process. 

Removing Excess Moisture from the Air

SERVPRO technicians use dehumidifiers to remove excess moisture from the air in your water-damaged Seal Beach home, which results in a reduction of humidity ratio. As the dehumidifiers remove water vapor from the air, the rate of evaporation increases as more moisture can now leave the wet material and enter the air. The SERVPRO technicians ensure that the amount of moisture removed by dehumidification equals or exceeds the moisture added by the evaporation process. The technicians strategically place the dehumidifiers throughout the wet structure so that the conditions always favor drying. 

SERVPRO technicians use different types of heavy-duty dehumidifying systems, including:

  • Refrigerant Dehumidifiers: Perhaps the most common type of dehumidifiers used in the restoration industry, they work similarly to a refrigerator. A refrigerant is circulated through coils in the equipment, which cools them down. When moist air passes over them, the water vapor condenses and is collected in collection tanks. The equipment works best within the temperature range of 700-900F.
  • Low Grain Refrigerant (LGR) Dehumidifiers: Although they work similar to refrigerant dehumidifiers, they can dry space to a lower humidity ratio. An LGR manages this by re-cooling the air before moving across evaporator coils.
  • Desiccant Dehumidifiers: These pieces of equipment use chemicals called desiccants to absorb moisture from the air. Desiccants can reduce the humidity ratio much lower than equipment based on refrigerants.

Increasing Airflow Across Wet Surface

SERVPRO technicians use air-moving equipment to blow dehumidified air across the wet surfaces. As the moisture evaporates from the surfaces, the layer of air closer to the surface becomes saturated with water vapor, slowing down the evaporation.

Air movers can replace this stagnant layer of air with drier and warmer air from the dehumidifiers and increase the drying rate.

SERVPRO technicians use two types of air movers during water damage restoration projects:

  • Axial air movers: These pieces of equipment can generate low-pressure, high-volume airflow. They are ideal if a large area needs to be dried.
  • Centrifugal air movers: These produce a high velocity, low-volume airflow. Centrifugal air movers are ideal for targeting smaller areas and are great for 'floating' carpets due to their high-velocity airflow.

Increasing the Temperature of Drying Air

SERVPRO technicians use portable heaters and indirect-fired furnaces to increase the drying air temperature. As the temperature of the air increases, so does its moisture-holding capacity.

Combining these three techniques allows SERVPRO technicians to restore your water-damaged home “Like it never even happened.”

Call SERVPRO of Seal Beach / Los Alamitos / Cypress at (562) 431-9400; We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.   

Water Damage Repairs in Seal Beach Require Much More than Just Airing Out the Place

3/26/2023 (Permalink)

Water damage is hard to deal with on your own. Let the professionals help, call SERVPRO 24/7. Water damage is hard to deal with on your own. Let the professionals help, call SERVPRO 24/7.

Drying Subfloors, Carpets, and Personal Items is Critical for Effective Water Damage Remediation

More and more homeowners in Seal Beach and the rest of the country decide to handle home repairs independently. A quick internet search can yield hundreds of tutorials for anyone to tackle home projects from reupholstery to installing impact windows. However, some things are better left to the experts. Water incidents are among those projects that, if done incorrectly, could compromise the whole household and escalate into a huge problem.

To properly handle water damage repair in Seal Beach, call SERVPRO. If you are a do-it-yourself kind of homeowner, you will quickly understand the importance of having the right equipment for each job. Our staff has the latest in water remediation and restoration at its disposal, and we’re ready to use it. We are happy to guide you through each step of the process and share our carefully documented steps. By calling our professional crew, you mitigate your exposure to secondary damage and its unfortunate costs.

One area that is often overlooked is wall cavities. Areas behind walls where wiring and insulation typically live are also favorite spots for humidity to accumulate. The result of damp spaces is mold, compromised drywalls, and secondary damage. Our SERVPRO staff uses advanced technology to identify and treat these problem areas. The equipment we typically use in this process includes-

  • Moisture meters to detect abnormal readings and guide our drying efforts
  • Air movers and injecti-dry technology circulate air and dry the space
  • Insulation vacuums and desiccants to help restore normal humidity levels

Whatever your level of expertise is for home projects, let SERVPRO of Seal Beach/ Los Alamitos/ Cypress become your ally when a water incident occurs. Call us at (562) 431-9400 and let us leave your home “Like it never even happened.”

Why Should Property Owners Hire Professionals to Handle Storm Flood Damage in Seal Beach Homes?

9/11/2022 (Permalink)

a flooded kitchen with furniture floating and water covering the floors Regardless of how the excess water gained entry into your home, team SERVPRO can help. Contact our technicians right away for effective services.

Professional Flood Damage Restoration in Your Seal Beach Home is Efficient and Cost-Effective

When your property experiences flood damage, it is crucial to employ experienced restorers promptly. The flooding can cause structural damage and weaken the foundation of your property if ignored for a lengthy period. Attempting to rehabilitate the afflicted region without the necessary knowledge and tools can result in significant damage.

Storm flood damage in your Seal Beach home requires professional skills to avoid more damage in the long run. It is critical to enlist the help of certified experts to minimize damage and restore your property to its preloss state. SERVPRO specialists have access to the equipment and resources they need to repair a customer's property quickly and effectively.

Our restoration process includes:

  • Emergency flood water removal: Since speed is of the essence during restoration, our team of restorers uses advanced equipment. If the floodwater in your basement does not contain substances such as rocks and tree branches, our restorers can use an electric submersible pump. The equipment is fast and efficient in extracting excess water. 
  • Flood clean-up and waste removal using unique but approved products.
  • Drying process: Our SERVPRO restorers can use portable desiccant units that produce negative air pressure in the affected area.

Restoring a flood-damaged property only takes SERVPRO restorers a few days. A team of skilled professionals and state-of-the-art equipment helps us speed up the process and ensure your family is safe.

Performing storm flood damage restoration can help save as much property as possible. Contact SERVPRO of Seal Beach / Los Alamitos / Cypress at (562) 431-9400 for professional restoration “Like it never even happened.”

SERVPRO Is The Best Choice For Water Damage Restoration In Los Alamitos

6/23/2022 (Permalink)

a flooded laundry room with water covering the floor and things floating everywhere Washing machine hose failures tend to dump a large amount of water on your floor. Contact our SERVPRO team right away for water removal services.

Remediating The Effects Of Water Damage In Los Alamitos

The average rainfall does not concern Los Alamitos homeowners usually. The water that floods their homes more often comes from a split washing machine hose or a cracked pipe connection underneath a sink.

When that happens, water can damage Los Alamitos structural and personal property. SERVPRO restoration teams work to clean up, restore, or replace both types, returning homes to their original, pre-flooded condition.

They start by removing any water standing on floors or pooled in carpets. If the water is high enough, they use commercial grade pumps to remove it. In most homes, the water is perhaps just an inch or so above the surface, so extraction wands work effectively. Technicians can adjust the speed up to quickly draw water off kitchen linoleum to prevent waters and air bubbles from forming underneath.

They can also lower the speed to remove water from carpets without damaging the nape, pulling fibers out of the top layer. It also helps to prevent delamination if the water sat long enough to loosen the glue holding the top and bottom layers together.

As SERVPRO team members protect the floors, others begin work on the furniture. Once we enter the home, they raise any items sitting in the water on blocks in a dry part of the home. Now, one of our inspectors examines the wood to determine if the kitchen table can dry on its own, or if an easy chair needs assistance to prevent warping or cracking.

To speed up the drying process, technicians install a dehumidifier to draw water from the affected furniture which slowly removes water without causing further damage. If the items absorbed much water, team members might also use air movers to direct warm, dry air over the wood to carefully force out the moisture so the dehumidifiers can more quickly absorb it from the air.

Other team members use more air movers to remove water that may have seeped into the walls from the standing water. As the air movers start to work, technicians set up fans in windows and doorways to remove the damp, cool air inside from home. If the drywall panels absorbed too much water and have begun to crumble, they remove them for disposal.

At SERVPRO of Seal Beach / Los Alamitos / Cypress, our goal is to stop water damage and then remediate the effects in each home. If you have a flooding problem in your residence, call us at (562) 431-9400 today to schedule a visit or inspection.

A Fast Water Removal Service in Seal Beach

5/10/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO drying equpment being used in water damaged hallway No two water damaged events are the same. But SERVPRO is trained to handle them all.

Water Damage in Seal Beach, Call SERVPRO: We're Faster To Any Size Disaster

It could be caused by your upstairs neighbor, an aging pipe system, or something as simple as rainfall. Potential water emergencies are hard to spot and even harder to stop. Using a localized emergency service with a 24-hour call line could be the difference between saving your possessions and throwing them out. 

Water damage needs to be treated straight away. SERVPRO has a franchise nearby to provide emergency water removal to Seal Beach properties quickly and efficiently. Extraction, treatment, and cleanup of a property after water damage is a professional job that requires both expertise and equipment. 

In the first instance, we send a trained technician from SERVPRO to your property for a visual inspection. We are looking for the amount of water and possible contamination of that water. No two water damage cases are the same, so we can ensure the best course of action on a case-by-case basis by tailoring our approach. 

After the assessment, we can provide you with a quote and begin work upon securing an agreement in writing. The equipment we can use depends on the size and level of damage determined by the initial inspection. In many cases, looking beyond the affected areas and into wall spaces or sub-floors is part of the process.

Truck-mounted, submersible gas pumps are sometimes needed to rapidly remove large amounts of water. In other cases, industrial strength wet/ dry vacuums can offer a more precise approach. 

As part of the SERVPRO service, our team can remove any possessions from the affected area before work begins. As necessary, we can remove any moisture that could cause long-term mold or mildew damage with our dehumidification devices. During the water removal process, we may cordon off areas of your home for your safety and allow us to work as quickly as possible. We promise to put it back as we found it, "Like it never even happened." 

So if your property falls victim to water damage, SERVPRO of Seal Beach/ Los Alamitos/ Cypress is here to help. Call us 24/7 at (714) 236-9599.

Restoring the Effects of Water Damage in Los Alamitos

3/24/2022 (Permalink)

water damaged hardwood floor; planks removed SERVPRO knows how to restore water damaged wood. Call us today!

SERVPRO Technicians are Standing by, Ready to Help With the Remediation Process in Your Home

Summer is here, and Los Alamitos residents can stop worrying about the rains flooding the area for a few months. We often forget that most residential flooding is the result of broken pipes and failed appliances like dishwashers and water heaters. 

Most Los Alamitos water damage of this kind is not too expensive when it comes to the home itself. The majority of the costs are cleaning and restoring personal property like furniture and carpets. SERVPRO technicians take immediate actions to reduce these costs and the time involved by elevating furniture on blocks or pallets and tent cushions. 

Elevating the furniture prevents water from breaking down the finish and swelling the wood. Keeping the finish intact and on the item prevents the water from transferring it onto and staining the carpets. The intact finish also helps protect the wood from swelling, which can crack or split it. Our technicians use three machines to reduce the time to dry an item: air movers, dehumidifiers, and fans. 

Team members set up air movers to gently blow warm, dry air over surfaces to force out moisture trapped just below the surface. As they work, other team members set up fans to pull the cooler, damp air out of the affected area and help increase air circulation. More SERVPRO specialists set up dehumidifiers to augment both devices to draw moisture from the surrounding air, lowering the interior humidity

Tenting the cushions means our technicians stand them on end and lean them one against the other after placing a sheet of waxed paper between them. This method allows water to drain out of them slowly and reduces the chance of color bleeding from the material onto other pieces or the carpet. 

If there are zippers or metal buttons, those can rust quickly, so our technicians immediately dry them by hand. Then, they place a cloth around the buttons to prevent the transfer of moisture from the fabric and put sections of waxed paper between the zippers and the cushion inside for the same effort. 

Preserving personal property after water intrusion requires a professional service with the right equipment. If you have water damage in your home, call SERVPRO of Seal Beach / Los Alamitos / Cypress at (714) 236-9599 today. We are here for you. 

Why Cleaning Structural Components After Water Damage in Los Alamitos Is Key

3/10/2022 (Permalink)

ceiling water damage; part of ceiling removed Our SERVPRO team is available 24/7/365 to take care of your water damage emergency needs.

Let SERVPRO Tackle Water Damage in Your Los Alamitos Home

There is a need for remediation services after experiencing water damage. The primary goal is to choose appropriate procedures to allow the materials to dry. If there is any form of contamination, there is a need to deodorize and perform other remedial processes to put the situation under control. In this article, we will bring to your attention some of the procedures we perform to remediate your Los Alamitos home. 

When our SERVPRO technicians are working to address water damage in Los Alamitos, we access hidden areas like crawl spaces, ceiling, and wall cavities to determine the degree of the destruction. We dispose of ceiling tiles within 24 -48 hours from when water intrusion took place. We only retain them if the source of moisture is clean and it just got into contact with a small steam or water leak. 

Our SERVPRO technicians also remove insulation and drywall within 24 hours. To investigate the extent of the damage, we use a moisture meter. In most cases, mineral wool, cellulose, and wet fiberglass lose part of their insulation capabilities and appear to compress. Where necessary, we can decontaminate foam insulation through cleaning and drying, and after that, we apply a bleach detergent. 

We dry lathe and plaster before minerals, typically present in the wall leaches, form white patches. If it were a black or gray water source, we would evaluate the degree of contamination and physical damage. In cases of penetration, removal is necessary. Otherwise, we use a biocide or a disinfectant to clean the area. The same applies when we are dealing with concrete floors and wall paneling. 

There is a need to remove debris and excess water from the structure, and to do this, we perform wet vacuuming. If we need to clean and dry content, a HEPA-filtered vacuum is an option. The good thing about this process is that there are no chances of fungal spores getting dispersed during collection since the filtration system is so efficient. We then put the particles in sealable plastic bags and dispose of them.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

At SERVPRO of Seal Beach / Los Alamitos / Cypress, We're Faster To Any Size Disaster. That is why we have established ourselves as leaders in the restoration industry. Call us at (714) 236-9599 at any time of the day and leave everything to us. 

How Crucial Is Water Cleanup in Seal Beach Properties?

12/28/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO tech removing water from hardwood floor; SERVPRO restoration equipment seen on tile Water damage happens. SERVPRO's water cleanup services can quickly remove any water.

SERVPRO Uses Cleanup as a Tool for Restorative and Protective Purposes

Water leaks may not seem that serious, especially when they involve clean water. You might only factor in the extraction processes and drying of wet areas. However, thoroughly cleaning up your Seal Beach property is essential and can help address many unexpected issues, including deterioration of materials.

The need for water cleanup in your Seal Beach home likely arises because of the spilled water's interaction with the local materials. A professional restorer like SERVPRO readily understands how different content and structural materials react after water exposure. Therefore, we can advise you on the expected cleaning tasks.

Some of the materials that can develop issues include:

  • Resilient tiles that develop white or chalky residue
  • Ceramic tiles which change along grout lines
  • Concrete which flakes or blisters
  • Fabrics that bleed or develop patches

The different effects on materials can be attributed to various things, including trace minerals left on the surfaces after a material absorbs water. This problem is common in porous materials like concrete. The reactions from a material interacting with water can also cause problems. Stains and patches on fabrics are typical examples of such issues. 

Although water cleanup may sound like something done after the problem has already developed, SERVPRO professionals can also do it preemptively. For instance, when dealing with concrete surfaces, we fast-track water extraction to limit the amount absorbed by the material. After extraction, we rinse the surface and perform controlled drying, such as directing airflow with air movers over the area. That limits any chances of mineral deposits, flaking or blistering.

For other materials such as fabrics, powerful cleaning techniques are necessary to remove any soils or residues that might adhere to the fibers leaving patches or stains. The cleaning approach must also be gentle to prevent physical damage to the material. 

SERVPRO of Seal Beach / Los Alamitos / Cypress understands the varied nature of water cleanup and tailors it to match the conditions in your property. You can reach us at (714) 236-9599 when you need assistance. 

A Faulty Water Heater Has Caused Water Damage in My Cypress Property. How Can I Restore the Ruined Areas?

10/28/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Fleet gearing up for a job. SERVPRO certified water damage restoration technicians are second to none. We are here to help 24/7 365 days a year.

Seek Professional Help from SERVPRO to Ensure Effective Water Damage Cleanup in Your Cypress Property

Seeping water in your property can cause significant damage to drywall, floors, and valued items. As certified restoration experts in Cypress, we use high-tech equipment and products to restore affected homes. We also apply systematic approved practices that we developed within the years we have been in business.

What does water damage cleanup entail?

Our water damage cleanup services include cleaning the mess caused by the faulty water heater and restoring the affected areas to their preloss state. You can trust us to perform water damage cleanup in your Cypress residence. SERVPRO experts use advanced equipment to speed up the drying process. If the emergency response is delayed, we can clean, dry, and treat the affected area to eliminate disease-causing fungi, bacteria, and viruses to protect the residents of the property. Our technicians can also remove persisting odors in the property, including in the confined areas.

Can water damage lead to mold growth?

Water intrusion incidents are the leading cause of mold infestation. Mold needs water to grow. Removing the water and moisture is an excellent way to prevent mold infestation. Mold develops when there is:

  •   Moisture
  •   Warm temperatures
  •   A food source like carpet, drywall, and organic dust

SERVPRO can help you with water damage cleanup and mold removal services.

How do you clean mold in a specific area?

When we get to your property, we begin by inspecting the area thoroughly. If we determine mold growth in a specific area, we can construct containment. We can build a small enclosure by wrapping 6-mil polyethylene around a frame of PVC pipe. The enclosure is enough for one restorer to remove contaminated materials and clean the area. We can use Microban, which is a quaternary compound, to disinfect the affected area. The product acts against a broad spectrum of bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms.

How do you dry the contained area?

The contained area is only safe after it is dried effectively. We can use devices that create conditions that dehumidify the area and filter the air. These devices may include an air mover, negative air scrubber, and a desiccant dehumidifier that uses chemicals called desiccants to absorb moisture. Once we remove mold, it is necessary to clean the air to eliminate airborne mold spores. An air scrubber enables us to remove mold spores and other pollutants that could be still in the air.

Even an insignificant amount of water can cause damage to your property. Contact SERVPRO of Seal Beach / Los Alamitos / Cypress at (562) 431-9400 for prompt water damage cleanup services.

How SERVPRO Restores Water Damaged Homes in Seal Beach

8/30/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicle SERVPRO technicians come equipped with state of the art equipment and skill to wipe out any trace of water damage in your property.

Protect Your Seal Beach Property with Expert Water Cleanup Services 

Should you find that your dishwasher malfunctions and soapy water begins to overflow throughout your kitchen, what do you do? Instead of panicking, calling the professionals to address the water cleanup is the best way to ensure you limit the amount of damage to your interior. SERVPRO arrives quickly and puts together a plan of action that involves pulling up water and then seamlessly transitioning into water restoration steps.  

Any resident that fails to start water cleanup in Seal Beach as promptly as possible sees that the damage to their belongings gets worse with time. Water from a faulty appliance begins seeping into everything, slowly causing damage. The further that water gets into porous materials, the more difficult the restoration process is. While the water damage progresses, water moves from areas of saturation to dryer sections, sometimes migrating upward. 

How Quickly Can Water Damage Impact a Home?

Did you know that it can take less than 24 hours for drywall to start swelling after exposure to a significant leak? Once SERVPRO has the chance to mitigate the impacted area, we usually can salvage most or all of the drywall. In some situations, pulling out baseboards and using drying equipment to force air into the wall cavities fosters drying on both drywall surfaces. Proper airflow significantly reduces water damage, often cutting back on the amount of tear-out work on your property. Whenever our team has the chance to deconstruct less, the amount of reconstruction required is also a lot less. 

With flooring, there is a bit of a window before the water damage turns into something much more involved. After that time passes, it is vital to remove the current flooring to have it replaced with new materials. The warm water escaping from your faulty dishwasher disintegrates adhesives used with linoleum or tile floors. Luckily, SERVPRO features a building and reconstruction department to address flooring restoration to get your kitchen back to normal.  

From the prompt response to the latest technology for locating and eliminating moisture, our team at SERVPRO of Seal Beach/Los Alamitos/Cypress is here to help with your water cleanup needs. Contact us anytime you need us at (562) 431-9400, and we can send a team out as soon as possible to start the assessment.

Seal Beach Campers and RVs with Water Damage Progressively Decay Without Proper Mitigation

8/24/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO logo Water damage to your RV or camper is a job for SERVPRO. Save time and money with the most trusted water restoration company.

SERVPRO Can Help Restore Your Camper or RV for a Safe and Stress-Free Vacation

Many families around Seal Beach choose a camper or RV to help their family spend more quality time together while saving money over the years. However, during the months it remains unused, problems can go undetected. When water from rain or leaking pipes remains in contact with the materials inside your home away from home, damage can accrue at an alarming pace.

When water damages such structures, they quickly become unusable for trips out of Seal Beach. SERVPRO restores more than homes and businesses. We also can restore other structures “Like it never even happened.” When we perform water damage restoration services in Seal Beach, we reduce the aggravation and disappointment that our customers experience.

Without a solid, watertight roof on your vacation vehicle, rainy nights can end up as horrible experiences. Water that seeps behind walls can develop soft, mushy areas. The slightest pressure can permit holes to open up, exposing insulation and other substances that can cause health effects. Worrying about such possibilities can ruin your enjoyment on your vacation. Preparing now, long before vacation time arrives, by having our experts restore your RV or camper can keep water damage from increasing and spreading.

Water Removal Services

Drying everything out and replacing any saturated materials can make everything right again. Hydroxyl gas can quickly make things fresh-smelling again inside your camper. We know how water can affect carpeting, also, and if we begin restoration efforts soon enough, we can restore your carpet. We test the fibers and how much deterioration exists and then go deeper into the flooring underneath. 

From the roof to the floor, SERVPRO of Seal Beach / Los Alamitos / Cypress can restore your camper or RV so your family has reliable, safe shelter during your next vacation. No job is ever too large, nor too small for SERVPRO professionals. Call us at (562) 431-9400, so we can help ensure your next adventure goes smoothly and without any unexpected difficulties.

How to Choose a Water Damage Restoration Service to Deal with Water Damage in Your Seal Beach Property

5/26/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO technician consulting with customer Call in the professionals for water cleanup, to avoid additional water loss in your home. Our SERVPRO technicians are available 24/7.

Our Certified Technicians Make Remediation of Your Water Damaged Property a Top Priority

Water damage is a home maintenance disaster that catches most of the homeowners off guard. If you are not prepared for it, the situation can quickly get out of hand and cause irreparable damage to your property. However, if you act fast and seek professional help, the damage can be minimized. 

When it comes to handling water damage to your Seal Beach property, one of the first things to do is hire a professional water damage restoration service. Unfortunately, many homeowners find it challenging to pick the right water damage restoration company after a water damage event. Here are a few things to look for when selecting a water damage restoration service. 


Round-the-clock emergency services are among the most important things to look for in a water damage restoration company. Thankfully, SERVPRO offers 24-hour emergency service, and we are here to help whenever you need us. 


Look for a company that has certified technicians working for them. Water damage restoration is a job that requires skill, technical know-how, and experience. SERVPRO has a team of IICRC certified technicians trained to handle any size disaster with ease. Our technicians know how to handle water damage restoration to minimize the damage and get your home back to pre-damage conditions in no time. 

Superior drying services 

Water removal is just the first step toward water damage restoration. Removing the residual moisture and drying your home is equally important, if not more. Look for a company that understands how to remove the residual moisture and gets your home dried as fast as possible. SERVPRO technicians utilize state-of-the-art technology to minimize secondary damage after a flooding event. We use high-efficiency pumps, dehumidifiers, and air movers to get your property dry in no time. 


Use online reviews to learn more about the experience of others with the restoration company you are picking. Please read what others say about the company and what they like and do not like and make an informed choice. 

Call SERVPRO of Seal Beach/ Los Alamitos/ Cypress at (562) 431-9400 today to talk to one of our water damage restoration experts. 

Do Ceiling Leaks Require Water Damage Repairs in Seal Beach Properties?

5/14/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO logo/ Leak from ceiling When your home suffers water damage, call in SERVPRO's experts for swift action.

Damaging Leaks and Plumbing Issues can Cripple the Structural Integrity of Seal Beach Home Building Materials. 

After ceiling leaks or other water damage events, the property seeks to find a moisture equilibrium where damp areas spread to dry materials and regions of the house to have similar humidity levels in all available space. During this process, many materials can become damaged, such as:

  • Walls
  • Ceilings
  • Flooring
  • Insulation
  • Plumbing

Does SERVPRO Conduct Needed Repairs in Seal Beach? 

We appreciate how likely the need for water damage repair in Seal Beach homes is after a disaster. From burst pipes to leaking roofs and the subsequent damage caused, repairs and reconstruction fall under multiple steps and stages. Controlled demolition is an early action, though any removed materials require replacement, and damaged utilities need reinstallation as well.

When water damage incidents occur, reconstruction and repairs can be necessary. Our SERVPRO of Seal Beach / Los Alamitos / Cypress team can help with efficient water removal services and clean up and use our contractor license for reconstruction and build-back. Call us today at (562) 431-9400.  

SERVPRO Looks After Wood Furniture during Water Damage Restoration

2/28/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicle parked in front of home When water invades your Seal Beach home, you need the experts! Call SERVPRO at (562) 431-9400 for assistance.

SERVPRO Can Help Restore Furniture in Seal Beach

One of the most frustrating parts of water damage is the cost of replacing ruined furniture. Thankfully, it is often possible to save furniture with a little help from professionals.

Our customers who need help with water damage restoration in Seal Beach often ask if it is possible to restore water-damaged furniture. They are also concerned about whether they should do anything while waiting for our team to arrive.

While you are waiting, if it is safe to do so, you can:

  • Remove all items from wooden tables, such as books or lamps.
  • Gently blot the water from the wooden furniture’s surface using mops or rags.
  • Place squares of aluminum foil, or wooden blocks if you have them, between furniture legs and the carpet.

The key to successfully drying wooden furniture is monitoring humidity and moisture levels to ensure we do not dry it too quickly or slowly. The pace of drying is essential if we want to avoid warping or cracking the furniture.

For a water damage restoration service that takes care of your furniture, call SERVPRO of Seal Beach / Los Alamitos / Cypress at (562) 431-9400.

Join Other Residents of Seal Beach And Enjoy Your Favorite Meal

12/23/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO drying equipment stacked outside of SERVPRO vehicle This is just some of the equipment we have available for water emergencies. We are alway on call to restore any water damage your home incurs.

Judy's Kitchen Welcomes Everyone Visiting or Residing in Seal Beach to Enjoy a Wide Range of Meals 

Mingling with friends and family during this period of uncertainty is quite a challenge for everyone. However, We Care of Seal Beach has organized a recurring event that meets all health department guidelines, including maintaining social distance. Held at Community Congregational Church 4111 Katella Avenue on 16th January 2021, the event is open to everyone residing in or visiting the city. 

The event takes place every 3rd Saturday of every month, and begins at 11 AM and ends at 1 PM. Attendees can expect: 

  • Professionally prepared meals of all kinds
  • Different types of drinks
  • A great time with community members 

All meals in the event are cooked from Judy's Kitchen with the skilled chefs who prepare the delicious meals from scratch. Do not be left out. 

SERVPRO of Seal Beach / Los Alamitos / Cypress warmly welcomes you to Judy's Kitchen. If there is a water intrusion incident in your home, we can help. We are experienced in performing water remediation in affected Seal Beach homes. Talk to us today at (562) 431-9400.

Can a Tankless Water Heater Limit the Potential for Water Damage?

10/19/2020 (Permalink)

A man ripping wood flooring up. A hot water heater issue in your home can become a bigger issue than most realize. Let SERVPRO help you through.

SERVPRO techs know plumbing issues can arise with any device and have the skills and equipment to get the water out of your Seal Beach home

The average service life of a hot water heater in a Seal Beach home is around eight to twelve years on average. If the tank fails, it can dump a sudden thirty plus gallons of water in your home. Once free of the tank, the water spreads and migrates down and seeps under floors, affecting floor joists and can penetrate under the foundation in some cases. Tankless water heaters have some definite perks such as:   

  • They do not require a tank to hold the hot water for use 
  • Minimal potential for a catastrophic water damage event  
  • No waiting for the water to heat up; it arrives hot
  • Uses 30% to 50% less energy for hot water since no tank needed 

What is the Best Way to Get Rapid Water Removal?

After a large scale damage event in your Seal Beach home requires water removal, the best action a homeowner can take is to bring in outside help. SERVPRO techs have multiple types of equipment to get the water out of your home quickly. A mere inch of water can do numerous types of damage to your home in a short period, including:  

  • Destruction to carpet and tile flooring 
  • Water may cause the carpet to shrink, deteriorate, or dyes to bleed  
  • The subfloor may warp due to seepage and require replacement  
  • Sheetrock may buckle or fall apart after wicking water 

Commonly Seen Cleanup Needs for a Home 

When SERVPRO techs work on a home post-water tank failure, there is often a lot of water to extract. Fifty gallons of water does not look like so much when it is sitting compressed in the tank. It can seem overwhelming about where to start the cleanup. Some actions homeowners can take before the arrival of the crew is to remove items off the wet floor such as magazines in baskets, decorative pillows, and porous items that can absorb water or have the potential to bleed inks or dyes onto carpet or laminate flooring. 

The flooring of all types takes a beating after a water spill of this size in a home. SERVPRO IICRC certified techs have comprehensive training in handling damage from water for all kinds of flooring, and they know after inspection if your floor covering has restoration potential or not. 

Laminate flooring, particularly on floating floors, fares poorly when exposed to copious amounts of water. This is due to the composition of most of the floorboards, having a melanin and fiberboard core. Once it has excessive exposure to moisture, the fiberboard swells and causes deterioration for the board. Usually, this type of flooring needs removal and replacement after a massive water damage issue. 

Ceramic and laminate (resilient) tile usually have two very different outcomes. While ceramic tile has one of the best potentials for a full restoration, if the grout line seal remains intact, laminate tile may float up and off when the adhesive loses its grip. 

Since a water tank cleanup has a rating as a clean water restoration job, as long as the cleanup starts within 24 hours, the water poses no hazards, and on a case by case basis, the techs can extract the water from the carpet and dry it in place. This is usually welcome news to homeowners who have an investment in their wall-to-wall carpeting. 

Wood floorboards react differently to water as even sealed boards still naturally absorb some water resulting in bowing or crowning. Until the boards get dried, there is no way to gauge the true restoration potential. Often with the use of drying mats, the boards return to their original shape, although in some cases, they may need refinishing. 

Once the property dries, the techs use their equipment to ensure that there are no areas of moisture that got missed. They look for:   

  • Cold areas indicating moisture behind walls as seen through the use of infrared cameras  
  • The use of penetrating probes to determine if any water remains within the subfloor  
  • Interior humidity readings to ensure drying goals got attained

After the water gets extracted and the work-site dried, SERVPRO techs work on manual cleaning and prepping the area for any needed repairs. The Crew Chief walks the homeowner through the actions taken and goes over any controlled demolition that needed to occur for drying. Homeowners get encouraged to ask any questions, so everyone is on the same page when the restoration services get completed. 

SERVPRO of Seal Beach / Los Alamitos / Cypress at (562) 431-9400 when you need assistance with water removal in your home. The technicians have the training and equipment to make the damage to your home, "Like it never even happened."

What Is The Process For Water Removal In a Flooded Residence?

9/10/2020 (Permalink)

crawlspace with water and plastic covering the ground and an insulated pipe tied to the wood joist SERVPRO is Here to Help if your home needs water removal.

Flooding in a Seal Beach Home Requires Emergency Water Mitigation and SERVPRO has the Professionals Who Can Do It

Catastrophes such as flooding turn your world upside down. Choosing the right water damage company in Seal Beach is vital.

What happens once I place an emergency service call?

No one wants to make an emergency service call to a water removal cleanup company in Seal Beach. But if flooding has occurred, you have no choice. You want a company that puts you at ease and brings you along every step of the way. SERVPRO does precisely that. Our Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) accredited technicians always have several main goals when they arrive:

Working closely with the customer to ensure they understand the cleanup and restoration process.

  • Protecting the structure and contents from further damage.
  • Removing as much water as possible.
  • Getting the drying process started.
  • Avoiding as much disruption to the customer as possible.

Scoping Out the Area

The whole process starts with scoping. This can allow the technicians to ascertain what they are dealing with in regards to water damage. They will decide what type of water is involved – clean, gray, or black. The team will check for safety hazards so the work can begin safely. Then they move onto determining what is wet, where the water has migrated, and what materials need drying.

Restoring Your Home

Once the above occurs, the Green Team gets to work restoring your home, “Like it never even happened.” Wet vacs, powerful pumps, and other water extraction tools remove water. The drying process is followed by repair, restoration, or replacement of contents. 

There is no need to panic if you need water removal cleanup. Our professionals provide you with peace of mind knowing you are in good hands. Contact SERVPRO of Seal Beach / Los Alamitos / Cypress at (582) 431 - 9400. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

How Do Different Forms of Water Impact My Los Angeles Home?

6/28/2020 (Permalink)

Water leaking and flooded on wood parquet floor We make it, “Like it never even happened.”

SERVPRO Removes Excess Surface, Free, and Bound Water in Los Angeles

There is more than meets the eye with water removal in Los Angeles. When your hardwood floors sustain exposure to moisture, the water has the opportunity to seep into your flooring in multiple ways. As a homeowner, you can mop up the excess water, but professional technicians can detect the presence of additional moisture by using moisture meters and sensors.

Can I Just Remove the Surface Water?

SERVPRO Uses Specialized Techniques to Remove All Excess Moisture
Water mitigation in your Los Angeles home is not as simple as just removing the surface water. If you remove only the surface water from your hardwood flooring, then you may face extensive long term damage such as warped floors or provide conditions conducive to mold growth.

What is Free Water?

    •    The moisture that is in the material through absorption.
    •    Evaporates as warm air crosses over the surface and pulls the free water out.
    •    Closer to the surface than bound water.

What is Bound Water?

    •    Moisture absorbed deep into the material.
    •    Chemically bonds with the wood.
    •    To remove bound water, it must break the chemical bond.
    •    Airflow across the surface does not remove the water; the material must be heated to break the bond, allowing evaporation.

When removing bound water from material, technicians use precautions as they carefully heat the wood. If the material overheats, it could cause permanent damage to your flooring. For example, floors could change shape and buckle. Technicians typically use a mat drying system to carefully heat the wood while simultaneously removing surface and free moisture.

For assistance after a leak, contact SERVPRO of Seal Beach / Los Alamitos / Cypress at (562) 431-9400. We make it, “Like it never even happened.”

What to Avoid When Facing Water Damage in Your Los Angeles Home

4/30/2020 (Permalink)

water spraying at a man repairing sink faucet while woman watches When your home is facing plumbing failures, water damage can result. Contact SERVPRO for water removal and remediation efforts.

Water Damage Experts In Los Angeles Describe Carpet Construction

If a plumbing failure ever occurs inside your Los Angeles apartment, the liquid will follow gravity and start to accumulate on your floors. Most water damage projects a professional restoration company such as SERVPRO deals with require restoring and cleaning flooring materials like your carpets. When attempting to save carpeting from being removed and replaced, it is important that the restorer knows how carpets get manufactured.

Our SERVPRO technicians study how carpets are made so that we can learn how to best restore them during your water damage mishap in Los Angeles. Knowing the basics of carpet construction allows us to come up with the best methods we can to extract and dry out wet carpets instead of removing and replacing them. How well a carpet holds up to problems depends on several factors, including the characteristics of the fiber, the type, and the quality of the carpet construction. How often a carpet gets vacuumed and cleaned can also play a major role in how well it can withstand moisture.

Most of the carpets that exist inside homes today are tufted, meaning that they are manufactured by tufting machines instead of being handwoven. Tufted carpet can be produced up to 20 times faster than woven flooring, which makes it much cheaper. This type of carpeting includes a face yarn layer, primary backing, latex adhesive, and a secondary backing.

The face yarn of carpets consists of natural fibers such as wool or synthetic fibers like nylon, polyester, or polypropylene. The face yarns then get tufted into the primary backing, which consists of a woven or spun-bonded construction made of jute or synthetic materials. The tufts get woven or needle-punched into the primary backing. The primary backing then gets treated with a latex adhesive coating to lock the yarns in place. 

The latex is an adhesive material commonly used to anchor the tufts into the primary backing and to hold both the primary and secondary backings together. Once your carpets get wet, the latex holding the carpet fibers to the backing deteriorates quickly. Once the carpet starts to remove from the backing, the process is called delamination, and the flooring may have to be removed and replaced.

If your carpets ever get wet after your apartment complex suffers from a plumbing failure, call SERVPRO of Seal Beach / Los Alamitos / Cypress at (562) 431-9400 24/7,

Click here for more information about Los Angeles.

Removing Trapped Water in Ceiling Cavities of Los Angeles Homes

12/12/2019 (Permalink)

A crack in a ceiling with water dripping through the crack. Los Angeles water can travel anywhere in your home. Let SERVPRO help you through.

SERVPRO knows what your Los Angeles home will need after your water damage.

You might not notice the intricacies of your plumbing system until water loss incidents occur in your Los Angeles residence. With much of this pipe contained between floors of your home, a leak could inevitably lead to a need for water removal in ceiling cavities. When approached early enough, our full-service professionals can dry moisture from this space and remove the compromised ceiling tile and other construction materials as well. 

As challenging as structural cavity drying can be, water removal in Los Angeles homes always involves a combination of our premier equipment and techniques. Ceiling cavities can show their damage when water begins to pass through this space and leak onto the floor and walls of the level beneath this area. Our professionals understand how crucial effective cleaning and recovery can be in these circumstances, so we have a division of general contractors that can help with drywall removal and other temporary construction solutions. 

Removal of ceiling tile is a common starting point to locate both the leak that needs repairing in the plumbing system and other damaged materials within this cavity. Most of these cavities have insulation and other materials that can absorb water and become a hefty threat in this space. Over encumbered insulation can become too heavy for the ceiling structural elements to hold back, leading to collapses. 

Removing water from these areas starts with allowing the cavity to drain out. Extraction approaches are less effective here, though there are potential applications for wet vacuuming depending on the circumstances. Our SERVPRO team can remove saturated insulation to help expedite this draining process and prepare the area for more direct drying efforts with air movers, dehumidifiers, and positive pressure systems. 

While the ceiling space is a favored position for your plumbing pipes, it can lead to challenging water loss scenarios. You can count on the experience and equipment of our SERVPRO of Seal Beach / Los Alamitos / Cypress team to help however you need. Give us a call anytime disaster strikes at (562) 431-9400.

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We Have Advanced Water Extraction And Drying Equipment To Remove Water Damage In Los Angeles

9/12/2019 (Permalink)

three green fans sitting on concrete floor We are locally owned and operated, ready 24/7, and Faster to Any Size Disaster. We have the experience, expertise and equipment to restore your home.

How to Handle Water Damage in Your Los Angeles Home

A water leak in your house can either be a minor inconvenience or a catastrophe you cannot handle alone. Regardless of the severity of the water loss, do not panic. Our SERVPRO water damage restoration technicians (WRTs) can help you deal with the loss. We can clean up your home quickly to prevent further problems like rot, mold growth, odor, and pests.

Whether the water damage in your Los Angeles home results from a leaking appliance, overflowing bathtub or a burst pipe that soaks your kitchen or causes water to pool in several rooms, we have advanced water extraction and drying equipment that can remove it. We can restore your home to its original condition. We are available 24/7 and can arrive at your property one hour after receiving your call. As you wait for our technicians, here are some things you can do to contain the water loss in your home.

Identify the source of the leak

Plenty of things could cause a leak. Identifying it and stopping it is the first step in containing water damage. If you cannot recognize it, shut off the primary water source. That should stop the leaking immediately and allow you to concentrate on drying your home.

Call your insurance company

Contact your home insurer to make a claim. Take photos or videos to document the damage for insurance claims purposes. By informing your insurance firm about the water damage immediately, it can compensate you quickly.

Remove the standing water

You can use a shop vac or a standard mop and bucket to remove standing water from your house.

Water can easily wreak havoc in your home even when you believe you have already handled the situation. It is, therefore, advisable to let professionals examine the damage. At SERVPRO, we use a wide range of equipment to extract water and dry a home professionally. We can use wet/dry vacuums to remove as much water as possible from the affected areas. Thorough water removal reduces drying times and limits the chance of furniture stains and rust occurring. If there are furniture stains, we can remove them when the carpet is still damp.

Our technicians also check for pre-existing damages like mold growth and delamination. If we find damage, we notify the insurance adjuster. If your carpet is ruined, we can remove it if the adjuster tells us to do so. Our WRTs also set up air movers around the perimeter of affected rooms at 45-degree angles pointing towards the walls. We also place dehumidifiers in the air to eliminate extra moisture from the air. Our team also uses moisture sensors and moisture meters to determine if surfaces and materials are dry.

When you need water damage restoration services, call SERVPRO of Seal Beach / Los Alamitos / Cypress at (562) 431-9400 for help. We can deal with the damage to make it appear “Like it never even happened.” We serve several local communities, including Seal Beach, Huntington Park, and Walnut Park.

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We Have The Best Techniques To Restore Your Los Angles Home

8/29/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Drying Equipment Set Up On A Floor In A Home Drying The Floors Our crew is trained in water damage restoration, upholstery & fabric cleaning, applied structural drying, and odor control.

Tips for Performing Water Removal in Your Los Angeles Residence after an Appliance Leak 

Leaks from appliances are more than just annoying. The leaks can come from your dishwasher, refrigerator, or washing machine. Leaks can cause damage to the floors and the possessions that come into contact with the water. Water damage is classified according to its severity. When professionals come to your home to fix a leak from an appliance, they know that they can expect to find gray water.

If you experience water damage in your home, you need to act fast. Beginning the process of water removal in your Los Angeles residence can minimize further damage. When dealing with an appliance leak, there are some steps you need to take. It is vital to call a water damage restoration firm like SERVPRO immediately. However, before the professionals arrive, you can do the following things to salvage your possessions and avoid a big mess:

Shut off the main water supply to your house or the supply valve to the leaking appliance.
Disconnect the appliance from its source of power to prevent electrocution or fire hazards.
Remove water from the affected area using a shop-vac as soon as possible to prevent long-lasting damage.

There are varying stages of water damage depending on the level of contamination. They range from clean, to gray to black. Water from an appliance leak could be clean if it comes from the supply line to the dishwasher. However, if clean water remains standing in your home for lengthy periods, microbes like fungi and bacteria can grow in it. High humidity can result in higher concentrations of fungi and bacteria in the air. Microbial colonies expand because of warm temperatures.

Detergents, soap, grease, and food particles make water gray. Gray water is not as dangerous as black water, but extra care needs to be taken when removing it. If left to sit for too long, the gray water can damage your floors because of the chemicals found in the detergents. Gray water also becomes black water when it remains in a home for an extended period.

If the leak was significant and the water spread to different rooms of your house, you can trust SERVPRO franchise professionals to extract it effectively. We use powerful portable extractors to remove as much water as possible to expedite drying. Portable extractors enable us to access restricted areas. Our technicians also place air movers and dehumidifiers in a home to dry the affected areas to prevent mold growth. We also use advanced moisture detection devices such as infrared cameras to inspect and monitor the moisture in building materials. We know the importance of preventing further destruction to your expensive home and possessions and keeping your family safe.

Appliance leaks can happen at the least expected time. SERVPRO of Seal Beach / Los Alamitos / Cypress is ready 24/7 to help you with your water loss emergency. Contact us at (562) 431-9400 for quick restoration services. We have the expertise to make your water loss incident seem, “Like it never even happened.”

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Drip. Drip. Drip. Is There a Slow Leak Under Your Huntington Park Sink?

8/24/2019 (Permalink)

Leaks under sinks can go undetected and cause and cause damage before being discovered. Inspect these areas often for signs of damage.

Water Damage Huntington Park – The Area Under the Sink Smells Bad

Water leaks under a kitchen sink or bathroom sink sometimes occur over weeks or even months. One day you notice there is a bad smell emanating from the area under the sink, and after investigation, you find that there is a slow leak which has soaked everything. The floor is wet, and the wood expanded as it absorbed the moisture. The water has also traveled along the inside of the wall. The water may have ruined the drywall and possibly the insulation on the outer walls. The first step, of course, is to repair the leak and stop the water, continuing to leak onto the floor. 

A SERVPRO technician can assess the amount of water damage in your Huntington Park home. The evaluation includes how much water has penetrated the floor, the underlying structure, along with moisture in the walls. Exterior walls are usually insulated, and the water may have damaged the insulation. We can use moisture meters to determine if there is moisture inside the walls behind your sink and cupboards. 

Depending on our findings, we may need to remove baseboards and drywall to remove wet insulation and examine just how much water damage there is. One approach is to drill holes in the drywall and use penetrating moisture probes to determine how much water has penetrated the wall. Not all water damage causes water to be present inside the walls. Before our technician’s drill holes in walls, we always discuss the possibility of water inside the walls and the necessity to check out these areas with the customer. 

SERVPRO can develop the appropriate drying solution for the floors and walls to remove all of the moisture and control the damage. In some situations, with wet conditions observed the drywall and flooring might require removal before drying can begin. Blowing air through holes drilled between each stud can also remove moisture from the insulation. Our team understands the need to remove all moisture and prevent the growth of mold.  After removing all moisture is removed, we can focus on restoring your kitchen or bathroom to its original condition. 

Call SERVPRO of Seal Beach / Los Alamitos / Cypress at (562) 431-9400 for 24/7 service. We serve Los Angeles, Walnut Park, and surrounding areas. We’re here to help and respond Faster to Any Size Disaster in your area.

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Shoes, Clothes, Water Damage....What's in Your Seal Beach Closet?

5/15/2019 (Permalink)

Inspect the ceilings of your closets often for signs of water damage.

What You Can Do When a Hole in Your Roof Causes Water Damage Inside Your Bedroom Closet

Closets are a dark space and water damage, along the walls inside, can often go unnoticed. The hole in your roofing allowed water to creep inside your house, pooling in your attic and then leaking down through the gaps in your walls. It just so happens that this particular hole in your roof was directly over your closet space and the damage went unnoticed for a few days.  

The best thing you can do for your Seal Beach home after finding water damage is to call for professional help right away. The longer that the damage sits, the more damage it can cause. Water damage acts as a gateway for mold damage, as the moisture feeds the omnipresent mold spores. Avoiding additional losses to the structure of your home, and increasing the financial costs of the destruction, is the best thing you can do for both your home and your wallet.  

When you call for SERVPRO, we always make sure to assemble a team of our very best and send them to your residence as swiftly as possible. We understand how nerve-wracking water damage can be, and how time-sensitive it is, so we always go the extra mile to ensure that we arrive at your home promptly.  

After a brief investigation, SERVPRO can clean out your closet. Our Institution of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration-certified technicians can pack up your clothing and store it while remediating the inside of your room. Once everything is out, including clothing, shoes, accessories, and storage, we can begin our work.  

SERVPRO can make cuts to the drywall where the most damage has occurred, to halt the spread of the destruction as well as the possibility of microbial growth. From there, we can remove the water-damaged ceiling tiles. After removing the heavily damaged material, we can focus on drying out the inside of your closet. SERVPRO can use desiccant dehumidifiers, heaters, and axial fans to spread dry air around your closet, and encourage moisture to evaporate. After renovating the area,  SERVPRO can return your clothing, shoes, and accessories to you, so your closest can once again be in its preloss state.  

When you require water damage remediation services, never wait. Dial (562) 431-9400 to contact SERVPRO of Seal Beach / Los Alamitos / Cypress. Day or night, we're always ready to assist you.

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When Water is an Uninvited Guest in Your Seal Beach Living Room

4/11/2019 (Permalink)

Our Green Fleet is loaded with equipment to restore your water damaged home.

SERVPRO Is Here When the Water Invites Itself Into Your Seal Beach Living Room

If the worst thing that happens in your life is living in Seal Beach, then you are in great shape. The weather is fantastic and having the calming effect of the Pacific Ocean at your doorstep is a benefit only a few in the world have. However, it is this proximity to the ocean that poses a risk to all homeowners when rainfall causes a rise in water levels, flooding streets. When the area fills with water, your own home is affected, and you need the help of a professional team.  

When you need water removal services for your Seal Beach home call SERVPRO immediately. Our team is trained to handle emergencies of all sizes, even those affecting many homes. By reaching our 24/7 hotline, you access an experienced group of technicians who formally study industry best practices to restore your home to its original condition. Rather than attempting to salvage your home on your own and risk further damage, leave it to us.  

Addressing water damage involves resolving immediate needs and anticipating future complications. Case in point, our SERVPRO team works diligently to extract water from your home with our truck mounted pumps, or portable ones as soon as we arrive on property. Simultaneously, we are assessing and curtailing the risk of mold propagating throughout your house which is a common by-product of excessive moisture. Rest assured that we document all we do, which can help you substantiate any property insurance claim you file.  

Very often, homeowners who attempt to resolve the damage themselves fail to take into account local and environmental regulations regarding the proper disposal of materials contaminated by black waters. Generally speaking, we remove objects such as carpet and upholstered furniture since outside water brings unwanted bacteria and debris. Not knowing how to dispose of these items can pose an environmental and even financial liability, so it is best to leave it to our expert SERVPRO team.  

SERVPRO of SEAL Beach/Los Alamitos/Cypress is available at (562) 431-9400 to help you when the outdoors finds its way into your living room. Give us a call and let us leave your home “Like it never even happened.”

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Why Routine Water Heater Maintenance is Important to Prevent Water Damage in Your Huntington Park Home

2/14/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Seal Beach / Los Alamitos / Cypress is available 24/7 to handle your water damage issues.

Water Damage Cleanup for Your Huntington Park Home

Your water heater is a valuable piece of equipment in your Huntington Park home. It provides hot water for bathrooms and your kitchen for a variety of uses. However, routine water heater maintenance prevents possible issues. Otherwise, they can leak, rust, and cause a great deal of damage to your home. Many people think flooding is the primary method of loss that a broken water heater can cause, and there are additional problems which can also cost you lots of money in repairs and even affect the health of you and your family.  

Even a slow leak can cause a good deal of water damage to your Huntington Park home while raising your utility bill from the wasted water. If your home has been the victim of such an incident, you want to have professionals help you clean it up and repair the damage. At SERVPRO of Seal Beach / Los Alamitos / Cypress, we have expert training and plenty of experience in handling water damage emergencies just like this.  

Whether your water heater has caused a flood in your home or has caused other water damage, our SERVPRO Franchise professionals inspect the damage upon arriving at your home, so we know the best way to proceed. If there is standing  water, we extract that first with a pump, and then we can dry your property back out using industrial fans and dehumidifiers. We want to finish this process as efficiently and quickly as we can so we can avoid mold growth.  

If your water heater has flooded your home, it is usually created by the unit bursting and spilling vast amounts of water onto the floor. The water can seep into cracks in your baseboard, seep into floorboards, and get under carpets and more. Water that gets under flooring can warp the wood and create much damage which requires replacing the affected wood.  

Water which flows behind walls can warp the support system and wooden studs, which means it needs replacing. It can also damage vulnerable drywall and other items. Water released from a poorly maintained water heater makes the moisture content of the air to rise, creating the perfect breeding ground for mold. Mold grows at a tremendous rate and can cause health effects.  

SERVPRO of Seal Beach/Los Alamitos/Cypress knows that when your home in Walnut Park, Compton, or Surfside has a water damage emergency, it is essential not to waste time. Give us a call at (562) 431-9400 as soon as you realize there is a problem so we can help you clean it up and get your home back to the way it was before the water invaded.

George A. Garlow was one of the founders of Huntington Park. Read more here.

Water in Your Seal Beach Home? SERVPRO has the Know How to Restore Your Home

11/14/2018 (Permalink)

You live near the beach for this view of the shore. Don't give water the opportunity to damage your home.

Water Removal Advice, Guidance, and Expertise for our Seal Beach Community

The Californian coast is particularly at risk of flooding due to its proximity to the ocean. Heavy rainfall, flash flooding, storms or high surf can all cause a headache to commercial property managers and private residents. Usually, getting rid of excess water goes beyond the reach of household cleaning products and in-house janitors. Using a professional service like ours can help to clean and dry your home while providing expert advice on how to avoid secondary problems.

Over the years, many residents have contacted us about water removal in Seal Beach. We always make the same promises: to organize a service within the first hour of your call and to arrive onsite within four hours of notification of loss. We can make that promise because SERVPRO technicians live and work in the local area making it possible to reduce call-out times significantly.

Damages caused by water can get worse the longer the water sits. The timeframe is especially pertinent with natural materials which can absorb water making it more difficult to dry and creating the perfect conditions for mold growth. We operate a 24-hour call line to make sure our community can always reach us because we recognize that these emergencies seldom happen at convenient times.

Once SERVPRO has arranged service, we can mobilize a wide range of equipment ranging from small portable units to powerful truck-mounted extractors. As a franchise, our company here in Seal Beach has access to national resources which means that we can be "faster to any size disaster."

On arrival, our priority is to thoroughly remove excess water using a combination of extractors and careful placement of rapid air-movers. We follow this procedure by deploying dehumidifiers that use desiccant chemicals to remove evaporated water from the affected area to control humidity levels. Water spills often leave behind unpleasant odors, and SERVPRO has odor control technicians who can remove or neutralize them.

For a thorough, professional and expert service call our 24-hour emergency line at (562) 431-9400 for SERVPRO of Seal Beach / Los Alamitos / Cypress.

The carob tree is the official tree of Seal Beach. Click here for more facts about Seal Beach.