What our Customers say...


Right on time and got right to work every day. Very reliable!

Our house is clean and dry and there is not the slightest mold smell.

No one would have taken the extra time you did to repair some of the difficult items that were damaged in our house.  Your people really went the extra mile to see that the job was done right.  We will definitely be calling you again if we have any future property damage.

Any time I called the office Anastasia new who I was and exactly where we were at in the process.  She kept everything runnnig like clockwork. Five stars out of five for SERVPRO of Seal Beach!

Did a beautiful job on our carpets that were in very bad shape.

So thankful to you for getting us back in business so quickly.  Most of our customers never new we had a fire.  Your team was fast, professional, and polite.

You guys did a terrific job.  Next time we forget to close the windows when it rains we'll call you.

Would never have though it possible to put our house back together after such a devastating fire.  Our home is truly restored, without a trace of odors or soot to be found.  Needless to say, we are very happy with your service.

Thanks to the professionalism of Sam and Anastasia, I had complete confidence to go about my work day knowing everything would be taken care of.  Definitely Recommend!

Thanks to you everyone in our house is healthier and happier.  

When our fire sprinklers went off, getting back in business as soon as possible was at the top of our minds. Your team made it their focus too, and worked with us closely to make it happen.  Excellent communication was the key.

We were surprised by how smoothly everything went.  This was a terrible mess here before you arrived and you have cleaned it up beautifully.  Fred was right on top of it.  We will definitely be recommending you to our friends and family.

I'll be thanking our adjuster for referring you.  You have just done a wonderful job.  The technicians have been so kind and explained everything, and communication has been excellent, and the price reasonable.  So we are very pleased.  Thank you SERVPRO of Seal Beach

The workers were very polite and professional.  It aloud us to continue working around them without interruption of our business.  Hoping this never happens again, but if it does we will have you on speed dial.

It is such a relief to have our home back to normal.  Who would have thought it possible.  Your team has been so thoughtful and caring through this process.  Thank you again.

Fred gave us great explanations and the team was on time every day like clockwork.  

You made short work of removing the water in my home and getting it all dried up. I’m very thankful to the work you did that kept me from having to rebuild. Amazing job. 

We were away on vacation when the fire struck. We worked over a great distance with the team there to restore the damages and even set up remodeling. This is the kind of company you want to tell people about. 

I had no idea so many tools and equipment were used in getting rid of mold, but I can tell that your crew knew their stuff. Way to go SERVPRO. My family thanks you. 

You always hear about someone’s great experience with a company, but I had never experienced anything like that for myself. That is, until you guys came to help bail out our dining room which was horrendously flooded. This company was a lifesaver. 

Your special equipment was very impressive.  I never would have believed you could save our expensive wood flooring, but it looks as good as new.

This company deserves a lot of praise. They are reasonable, knowledgeable, courteous and patient in a traumatic time for my family and me. We are so very pleased with the work that you did. 

My ice maker line leak made a huge mess of my kitchen, but you could never tell now after you came in so quickly and fixed it up for me.

Your team did the best restoration work I’ve ever seen when it came to fixing our home after the fire.

I have no idea what we would have done without you helping us get our home clean again after the mold.

With your help, our home would have never been the same after all that rain entered in. I am so thankful for your help.

There was a huge mess left behind after some pipes in my restaurant burst, but SERVPRO was able to fix me up in no time and saved me so much lost money and time.

After the fire damaged my business, I found the best team of workers when I called you in for help restoring my building.

SERVPRO worked fast to dry our home back out after rain came into our home through an open window. 

SERVPRO really saved the day after we discovered mold in our home. I am so glad we called them.

SERVPRO did an excellent job cleaning up our home from the soot and smoke damage. You can’t tell it was ever there now.

I am thankful for the quick work your company made of our leaky sink and the damage it left behind. I couldn’t have done it without you.

My first bit of advice would be to make sure you have all of your windows closed when it rains, but in case you do what I did and assume they are all closed without checking, my next advice would be to call SERVPRO of Seal Beach / Los Alamitos / Cypress.  This made it look easy.  Great people and a fair price.

My landlord insisted on using SERVPRO and I was afraid, but they did an excellent job.  I would have them back for anything like this again.  Highly recommend.

Very professional team!

The guys did great work.  Glad to have you on our vendor list.

This company has been wonderful to work with.  The team has been very polite and respectful of our home. The place looks terrific.  No more soot or smoke odors.

I asked my insurance adjuster if he could recommend a few contractors for the clean up from a backed-up sewer line,

and he said don't waste your time with any but SERVPRO of Seal Beach

It turned out to be good advice. I have not been disappointed.  Very professional.