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What is More Important in a Seal Beach Flooded Property, Your Possessions, or Your Structure?

4/19/2020 (Permalink)

flooded modern white kitchen with a circular orange lifebuoy Whether flooding came from an outside or an inside source, the result is quite similar. Contact SERVPRO for water removal and remediation services.

When Floodwaters Enter Your Home, it is a Race Against Time to Secure Both Property and Possessions. SERVPRO Can Provide Experience and Expertise to Recover Losses Fast. 

What constitutes an emergency mitigation procedure?

A property with large quantities of floodwater is a ticking timebomb. Water migrates quickly in Seal Beach, causing degradation contents as well as the integrity of the structure. Our team of SERVPRO technicians reacts fast to emergency water loss scenarios using the latest technology to mitigate permanent harm. In the first instance, our technicians can perform crucial emergency mitigation on your property to help limit the damaging effects of water exposure.

Emergency services for properties with flood damage in Seal Beach constitute securing the structure and removing excess standing water. By performing several mitigation tasks in a short period, we can be confident of protecting your property from immediate harm. Drying the property can take several days or weeks. However, ensuring that the situation does not deteriorate is our priority. 

How does SERVPRO conduct emergency mitigation procedures?

  • Securing the property to prevent unlawful entry using emergency board-ups
  • Extraction of standing water to below two inches
  • Tarping to seal open areas that could imbibe further rain or floodwaters
  • Scoping the property to test structural integrity and neutralize potential hazards
  • Measuring the extent of harm using meters, sensors and thermal imaging cameras
  • Creating an itinerary of contents as well as structure

How do flood waters affect the structure of my property?

Large bodies of water exert robust and downward pressure on the structure of your home. Most properties are not designed to withstand the persistent pressure of standing water, which can damage jointing at the base of walls as well as waterlogging ceilings and floors. Properties with wooden frames or floorboards can experience swelling, cupping, and buckling after persistent exposure to moisture. 

What are the signs that the structure of my home is affected?

  • Pulling apart of the baseboard or at the corners of where walls meet floors and ceilings
  • Noticeable cupping of floorboards
  • Air bubbles in laminate flooring or pdf board
  • Peeling of paintwork and dipping effect in the ceiling
  • Dripping from ceilings or upper walls

Our technicians pump water out of the property in Seal Beach quickly using electric submersible pumps to reduce the immediate impact of standing water on a property. Using dehumidification equipment or temperature, we can lower the moisture content of wooden materials. This process can be very effective at securing structural contents and lowering the effect cupping or warping has on the property. 

Can you rescue the contents of a property after flood damage?

The quickest way of securing your content is to remove them from the affected area. We can either set up a drying room onsite by placing large, polyurethane sheets into an unaffected room for the temporary storage of contents. Alternatively, for more substantial items, we can block furniture to place it out of reach of the standing water level. In some cases, a pack out of the procedure may be necessary to secure possessions effectively.

How can you protect my contents in a move-out?

We enlist the help of professional movers to transport contents from your property to a secure, climate-controlled storage warehouse. When moving contents from your property, our technicians can digitally record the condition, position, and cleaning requirements of each item. Doing so ensures that we remain accountable for your possessions during transit, storage, and return. Specialty dry-cleaning or immersion cleaning services can be organized during storage to ensure your items return in a preloss condition where possible. 

How long does it take to dry a property?

Drying times can vary depending on the type of building materials as well as the severity of the flooding situation. Generally, water can migrate from the initial source outward into the property where it can seep into cavities, waterlog the subfloor or degrade, causing a grey or blackwater emergency. Additionally, any residual moisture left behind can result in mold growth or other harmful microbial growth issues. 

Drying the property may take several weeks in severe cases. Our technicians may need to return to your home regularly to assess the effectiveness of the drying procedure. Using air-movement equipment or drilling holes into walls to dry cavities are essential aspects of the drying procedure. We may take a humidity test from an unaffected area of the home and use it to assess our drying process. 

While thoroughly drying the property may seem like a time-consuming process, it is essential to getting your home back to its preloss condition. Damp spots in properties can become hotbeds for microbial activity, which can lead to further damage in your home, both materials, and cosmetics. Using a qualified drying technician gives your home the best chance of making a full recovery and returning to its preloss condition. 

Counter-attacking flooding requires a positive approach to using professional equipment. Contact SERVPRO of Seal Beach / Los Alamitos / Cypress at (562) 431-9400.

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